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SNAP! Records Revival Series #2: Another splendid reissue from a classic US Mod/ PowerPop EP. Featuring 1 bonus track.

MOD FUN started in early 1979, initially called their band RAGE, and inspired by THE JAM. In 1982/83 they had recored their first 4 songs, released on tape only. The band played their first club date in January 1983. In fact the band members were 15 years old only. In 1986 ‘Making Tyme Records’ released it finally on vinyl, but only 3 out of the 4 songs from the tape release.

Finally reissued now by fab SNAP! Records Spain, feat. all 4 songs for the first time.

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SNAP! Records

I Believe
Hangin' Round
Action Tyme
Just Out Of Reach

The Band

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7" / 8.00 EURO + shipping