The Rhythm and Blues Years

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Stunning compilation, a fantastic round-up of the early years and a timely reminder about that band and era.

Beside of The Clique in UK, the JAYBIRDS were unanimously acclaimed the coolest Mod band on the authentic side of the Mods and R&B/ Freakbeat-Scene in Europe during the 90´s.

Just in time for their 30th years anniversary this 22 song amalgamation contains all their early singles, eps and some true rarities. Smokestack Lightning, an extended 9.19 min live cut, recorded in 1995 at the 1st Beat-O-Mania festival in Munich shows in a perfect way the typical JAYBIRDS sound: authentic and rough R&B !!!

Fully analogue remastered by Dennis Rux in Hamburg, housed in a gatefold sleeve designed by Murphy Morphine (Wild Evel & The Trashbones) and original band poster of this era included.

Release Date
6th December 2019

Oh Baby
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Let It Rock
51 Mainstreet
Don`t Tell Me Lies
Why Do You Put The Hurt On Me
Just One Chance
Ifs You Could Be Mine
But You`ll Never Do It Baby (live)
Smokestack Lightning (live)
Hold On I´m Coming
Just A Looser
It´s Too Late
You Don't Have To Tell me
Save My Soul
King Lonely The Blue
Baby I Need
Nimm Mein Herz
It Wasn`t Right
Happy Day
Take Good Care

Bj Jaybird – vocals & blues harp
Markus Zöchling – bass
Thomas Barnabas – drums
Andy Price – guitars
Patrick Nagl – guitars
Norb Payr – guitars

The Band

Mod haircuts, short jackets, pointed boots, hipsters, cufflinks, R&B, Freakbeat, style and passion: this is what you find in THE JAYBIRDS nest!

Born in Vienna (Austria) 1989 by Bernhard Gold (vocals), Andreas Preisl (guitar), Markus Zöchling (bass guitar) und Thomas Schmitzberger (drums) with the intention to form an authentic 60´s style band. The three youngsters had their first gig on 25th May 1991. Patrick Nagl (guitar) joined in March 1993. After the first both tours in 1994 (Germany, England, Belgium) Andreas Preisl left the band and replaced by Norb Payr.

Beside of The Clique in UK, the Jaybirds were in Europe during the 90´s unanimously acclaimed as the coolest Mod band in the authentic side of the Mods and R&B/ Freakbeat-scene.

Their fame and original ways brought them to share the stage with The Rolling Stones in Vienna 1998 in front of 80.000 people. After 145 gigs in Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, England and Belgium - including the famous Mod Weekender´s Beat-O-Mania and Modstock Saarbrücken, they played on 16th June 2001 in Berlin their last gig and took a hiatus. But the guys did not really rest in their laurels, for the next years most of them continued their musical passion in several other 60´s style bands in Austria.

The discography at this point of time composed of 2 LP's/CD's, 4 EP´s, and 1 Single and also a few live recordings edited on compilations.

But in 2006, with no news from them since 2002, the Five R&B Mad Boys found together again and The Jaybirds were back to life with more strength, experience and clearer ideas than ever before!

The first gig of the 2nd period was at Rote Bar in Vienna, Austria on 28th October 2006. Soon the idea of a new 7" matured. But all good things need time, so finally the single ‘Take Your Chance‘ hit the streets on 21st February 2009. Around one year later, in 2010, it followed a 14 song live recorded album. Both were sold out in no time!

During the 2nd period they played with the Sonics in London (2008) and the Standells in Madrid (2010). Expect the Two Men From L.I.N.Z. Weekender they hit the stage at almost all Mod & Sixties Events in Europe:

15th All Saints Mod Holiday 2007 (Italy)
Berlin Beat Explosion 2007 (Germany)
Euro YeYe 2007 (Spain)
Hipsters Expo 2007 (Italy)
Vibrasons Festival 2007 (Spain)
Beat Goes On Weekender 2007 (Spain)
Le Beat Bespoke 4th Weekender 2008 (UK)
Shotgun Club Berlin 2008 (Germany)
Get Smarter 6ts Happening 2008 (Austria)
Beat Epogue Sixties Festival 2008 (Italy)
Get Smarter 6ts Happening 2009 (Austria)
Pequena Bety 2009 (Spain)
Shotgun Club Berlin 2009 (Germany)
Beatclub Krems Allnighter 2009 (Austria)
1st Mod Weekender Linz 2009 (Austria)
Go Sinner Go Weekender 2010 (Spain)
Shotgun Club Berlin 2010 (Germany)
Sixties Rock Weekend Castellon 2011 (Spain)
Purple Weekend 2011 (Spain)

Completed by invitations to Greece in 2009 and Russia in 2011.

Since early 2012 the band is on hiatus again. Bernhard Gold, Markus Zöchling and Thomas Schmitzberger formed BJ`S NEW BREED, while Norb Payr has released two solo albums with gorgeous Folk tunes and Patrick Nagl can be found at the brand new Beat and Soul combo PORTOBELLO EXPRESS.

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