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From Portland, Oregon. Since 2014, The Reverberations have released albums that had one Beatle boot in the garage and the other in the psychedelic ’60s. But now it’s 2019 and it’s time for “Changes” – the new LP released on Beluga Records – a kaleidoscopic trip which flies away from the garage on a psychonautic journey. Changes calls for expansion and exploration of mind, music and technique. The Reverberations dig deep into the influence of psychedelics and recording craftsmanship. Recorded in Joshua Tree, California with engineer and producer Pat Kearns, the band made it their mission to create a truly tripped-out album. The 13 tracks on Changes chart new territory for The Reverberations with technicolor highs and mellow lows. Four singles capture the overall mood of the album. “So Strange” is a pulsating groover that swirls like a liquid light show propelled by an undeniable bass line and vocal harmonies. “Dream Catcher” follows up with a jangly guitar intro morphing into a hazy sway of harmony and paisley underground vibes. The third single, “Changes”, captures the highs and lows of a world steeped in changes. “Changes” simmers with reflection. Written by band leader Dave Berkham, it is an homage to Portland, Oregon’s mutated landscape and honors local music heroes lost in 2017. “Time Stops” rockets the listener back into the stratosphere on a wild 12 string high, complemented with swirling organ and pounding rhythm section.

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Release Date
Beluga Records 2019

So Strange
Green Mushrooms
Left Behind
Levitate Away
Alice Dee
What Can I Do?
Time Stops
Into The Light
Open Your Eyes

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