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miss your smile

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Fab release from obscure Australian Buttercut records.

Released on CD waaay back in 1998, this is a limited edition VINYL RUN (of only 150 copies) from this South Carolina three piece who pump out some addictive alt-rock action across 2 sides of CLEAR VINYL (70 copies) & Old fash BLACK ​( 75).

It also has an extra acoustic track which is previously unreleased. It’s on the Buttercup Overseas imprint of which their is now two albums (they have a slightly different Catalogue # sequence than the Australian releases…This one is BCROS 001).

This copies here come in clear vinyl! Hand numbered. Only a few in stock.

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Buttercut Records (LP | 25.00 EURO)


A1 Most Of All
A2 The Generation Song
A3 No Control
A4 Leave On Your Bedroom Light
B1 This Is The Day
B2 Dreamer
B3 Sweet Goodbye
B4 Erin Laughs (Unreleased Demo) (Bonus Track)

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