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Hangin Out

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The Thinglers is a 60s garage band born from the ashes of SEUSS, Italian band from Pordenone who made many gigs releasing two album as well! The Thinglers are: Matteo de Cicco, the only survivor of SEUSS’S original lineup on bass; Denis Pinese, who has been a guitarist for the Seuss for years; Michele Tonus, singer coming from Coleridge (local mod-band); Ugly (last arrived and ‘resuscitated’ after 20 years …), former organist of: RUNNING STREAM, THE WOODY PEAKERS and the early GRAINS; Heino Vetriolo, great partner of many adventures with Ugly, drummer and singer with: WOODY PEAKERS, THE GRAINS, TILT-A-WHIRL and SEUSS. They come with an EP containing two original songs and two classic covers of the Blox – Hangin ‘out and Atlantics – Come on. The sound is always faithful to the 60’s canons, with the use of instrumentation of that time, such as the classic organs Farfisa and Vox, guitars and Fender amplifiers etc .. The fans of the Texas sound, of the Pebbles or of BFTG will surely be satisfied !! Lim. of 300!

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Area Pirata (7" | 7.00 EURO )

Hangin Out
Leave Me alone
Come On
Without You

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